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Coffee shops

A coffee shop can best be described as a café, which does not sell alcoholic beverages, and in which, under certain circumstances, soft drugs may be sold. Although the sale of soft drugs is an offence, low priority is given to the prosecution of coffee shop owners, provided they sell small quantities only and meet the following conditions:
  • no more than five grams per person may be sold in any one transaction;
  • no hard drugs may be sold;
  • drugs may not be advertised;
  • the coffee shop must not cause any nuisance;
  • no drugs may be sold to persons under the age of 18, nor may minors be admitted on the premises.
The mayor of a city has authority to close coffee shops, which do not meet these conditions.

You can visit the Guide to Coffeeshops in Amsterdam for more information about coffeeshop in Amsterdam.


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