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Holland has, like most European countries, many cities in which you have to pay for parking on the streets. Where applicable, observe parking meter regulations carefully. Make sure that the time of your stay does not exceed the parking time you have paid for. Otherwise, you might end up with a severe fine, a wheel clamp or, even worse, find your car has been towed away!

Free parking or inexpensive parking is available in the P+R parking areas at railway stations or at transferiums, located on the outskirts of the city. Many people find it easier to choose one of these options and take advantage of public transportation. Signs directing you to P + R parking or transferiums will be shown in our future section ‘traffic signs’. More about transferiums in our section ‘transferiums’.


  • Parking and pulling up are prohibited in case this causes danger for other road users or in case there are traffic signs prohibiting this.
  • It is prohibited to park or stop alongside a uninterrupted yellow line.
  • It is prohibited to park or stop on biking lanes, bus lanes, railway crossings, crossroads, exits, priority streets outside the city area or at parking areas allocated meant for other vehicles.

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