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Car rental

You will find the main car rental companies in all major cities and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Rentals for one week or longer are available at special rates. Some companies offer additional discounts during the off-season and at weekends. VAT (19%, non-refundable) is added to all rental rates. It is usually less expensive to book a car in advance from your home country. Rates vary, according to the model, from approximately EUR 37 to EUR 122 per day, excluding costs for mileage. Please note: Holland uses kilometers instead of miles. One kilometer equals 0.621 miles.

Some firms stipulate a minimum age of 21 years, other companies 23 years.

Motorhomes, equipped with kitchenettes, showers and a comfortable sleeping area, offer the budget-minded an easy and dynamic way to tour Holland. The minimum age for motorhome rental is usually 21 - 23. You must have had your driverís license for at least one year.

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