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How to make a reservation

After searching in the Search-Bar, looking at the properties pages and choosing the place you want to book please follow the these steps:

You should be in the chosen property page. Here you can see the different kinds of rooms or class your chosen property has to offer.

Room name -
The name or description of this room. This name is followed be a number that represents the number of people this room accommodates.

Availability - There are three kinds of availability.
    - Available with instante confirmation - this room is dedicated by the hotel for our reservation and will be instantly confirmed by us.
    - Available with approval - This room is available but you must wait for confirmation from the hotel's reservation manager.
    - Uavailable - In this property all rooms of this kind are booked.

In case a room is unavailable it means that all rooms of this kind have been already booked in this property. You can and search for other rooms in the same property i.e. 2 doubles instead of 1 quad etc, or try to look for another property.

Price - The price of this king of room on the dates you chose.
Booking - Here you will find the order button for this room. On unavailable rooms the button is faded.

Once you have chosen the room and checked it is available press the 'Book Room' button.
Here you can see the details of your reservation in the grey box.
Room Nane - Here should be the name of the room you chose.
Date - Here appears a raw for each day of your reservation.
Amount of rooms - The amount of ROOMS you are requesting.
Price per room - The price that cost each one of the rooms you are requesting per night.
Price per day - The total price of all the rooms you are requesting for that day.
In the bottom of this list you can see the total amount of your reservation.
Under this list you will see the status of the room which should be available.

Please check that all these details are correct before you proceed.

If it is the first time that you make a reservation with Amsterdam2Book.Com reservation system, log in as a new user. You will be required fill in your first and last names, phone number (optional), to choose an e-mail account that will serve as your username, a password and to repeat the password. Now fill in you credit card details and press the 'Book Button'.

Pay attention!
 We DO NOT share this imformation with any third party. You can read more about our Privecy/Security Policy.
- Your credit card will NOT be charged and is required as guarantee in order to hold your room. You will have to pay the entire amount at the hotel reception. You can read more about our Terms and Conditions

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