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How to use the search bar

How to use the search bar


You start filling information in the search bar from left to right.


-          Start by filling your arrival date under 'check in' in the month/year and day boxes.

-          Choose the number of night you wish to stay under 'nights'.


*** Your departure date should appear automatically***.

**** Please check that this is the correct date in which you desired to check out.****


-          Under 'Rooms' you should now choose the number of ROOMS you wish to search for.

-          Now decide the number of 'people' each room has to accommodate for example choose 1-for Single rooms, 2-for Doubles/Twins, 3-for Triples etc… If you choose 'All' you will receive in your search, all properties that have vacancies for your chosen dates.

-          Press 'Search'. You should now see your search results.


  • If you want to keep on searching from the search results page check that all data is correct before pressing the 'Search' button!
  • If you search from a Property page you will search availability for this property only! If you want to search for all properties got back to the search results page or go to homepage.

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