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What is is not a travel agency; it gives internet users the possibility to book accommodations directly online. ables you to view property's pages, property pictures, facilities available, location on map, prices availability and other information that will help you compare between different hotels, apartments and hostels. After you learn send reservation requests to the accommodations.



How exactly does the online reservation system work?


Once you have made a reservation request, it arrives directly to the accommodation manager who then responds to the reservation request via the reservation system. The service provides an effective, secure and simple channel of communication between hotel properties and users. Unlike a travel agency you can search, choose, book and cancel accommodation yourself with the property of your choice while getting a full perspective on availability, prices, locations and every other detail that may help you make the best choice.



How do I register?


Please note that there is no need to register as a user before sending a booking request through During the booking process you will be asked to provide your email address (which will be your username) your password and personal information which will be registered into the system.
We pay high attention to
privacy and security and will not use or pass this information to any third party and we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in our system to keep all information encoded.
After sending a request you will receive an email with the details and status of your reservation. Your username and password gives you access to your online account where you can view the status and details of your bookings and cancel them if needed.



What do I do if I loose or forget my password?


Please go to the homepage and click on My reservations'. Once on the login page, click on 'Forgotten your password?', insert the email address you have registered with and the password will be sent to you.



How much does it cost to make an online reservation with


The reservation service is completely free for our users. Membership subscription is free. There is no charge for searching for accommodations making or canceling bookings.



Can all the hotels on the site be booked online?


There are two categories of properties listed: those with the online reservation system and webpages and those that are not bookeble online. For the first category it is possible to check prices and availability and to send reservation requests directly to the properties. The later are listed with fax and telephone numbers and are to be contacted directly by you.



I want a staff member at to book a room for me. Is it possible?


The site is designed specifically to allow internet users to browse hotel pages, to check availability and prices and to make bookings themselves. cannot make, confirm or cancel bookings.



When I make a reservation request, how is it processed?


The reservation request is sent directly to the manager of the selected property. He then processes the request via the system and sends its response back to you. This establishes a direct contact between the registered user and the property selected. Your reservation is confirmed when the property sends you its confirmation message.



How long will it take for my reservation request to be answered to?


Please be informed that two categories of reservation requests are possible: Instant bookings and bookings on request. In the first case you will receive an automatic confirmation message from the hotel via You will not receive any further confirmation from the hotel, since this confirmation message is definite.
In the second case you will receive an email informing you that the property has received your request. The property will then respond via email within 48 hours either confirming or canceling your request.
Bear in mind that your request will be confirmed by the property and until then do not consider it as confirmed. When the status of your booking appears as 'Confirmed' in your user account you can rest assured that it has been confirmed by the property. In order to receive confirmations via e-mail make sure that the address you enter when sending your booking request is correct. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address you will not be able to receive a reply from the hotel and this could lead to communication problems and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure all data is correct.


How do I check the status of my reservation request?


You can check the status of any reservation request by entering into My Reservation' with your registered email address and password and view all your current reservations. You can control the status of your reservations in the “status column”.

The status of the booking can be as follows:

Pending: New reservation request - yet to be responded to

Confirmed: Reservations confirmed by the property

Canceled: Reservation cancelled by the user


How do I cancel a booking?


Please be informed that all bookings need to be cancelled in your user account within the valid cancellation timeframe. If you cancel a reservation after the this timeframe you will be charged for the first night. For any special reasons after the cancellation deadline it is necessary to contact the property using our Direct Contact option, since in this case only the property itself can decide whether or not to cancel a booking free of charge. This option will be useful only in the most extreme of cases and is usually declined by the property owner.

The timeframe is usually 48 hours for hotels and hostels, and between two weeks and a month for apartments.


To cancel a booking please select the My Reservations' on the homepage and enter your registered email address and password. From here you can view the list of the reservation requests sent.

Select a reservation by clicking on the reservation and then select the 'cancel' option at the bottom of the page. On the next page, enter your password, and click on 'show message'. You will then see a cancellation message which will be sent to the hotel when you click on 'send message'. Your booking will then be cancelled in our system and there is no need for any further contact with the hotel on your part.
To check that you have cancelled your booking correctly, you can click on 'Your reservations' on our homepage, and you will see that the status of your reservation is 'CANC'.



How do I modify a booking?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify a booking in the system. You must cancel the reservation, following the instructions above (See 'How do I cancel a booking?'), and follow the reservation process again. After the cancellation deadline it is also necessary to contact the property directly, since in this case only the property can accept changes free of charge.



Does a double room have one double-size bed or two separate single beds?


We try to guide the properties managers to name correctly their rooms so a 'double room' would generally mean a room with one double bed while a twin would generally mean a room with two separate singles (that could be combined to a double in some properties).

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that the name given will follow this criterion as the control of the details (such as room name) is in the hotel manager's hands.


To avoid confusion we suggest that you request in the 'notes box' either for a double-size bed or two single separate beds depending on your needs.





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