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Welcome to Amsterdam2Book.Com, a Guide to Amsterdam and the best free search engine for accommodations in Amsterdam on the net today!

Amsterdam2Book.Com is a complete guide to Amsterdam, in it you will find a wide range of information about Amsterdam such as information about accommodation in Amsterdam as well as clubs and coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You will find the Amsterdam Museum Guide useful as it contains information about museums in Amsterdam their opening hours and ticket prices. In the Holland Airports Guide you can read about all airports in the Netherlands. The Weather Guide will help you decide what clothes to bring and the Transport Guide will help you with public transport. You can read about Amsterdam Zoo, the Royal Palace and other attractions in Amsterdam. To make a long story short, because you probably got the point Amsterdam2Book.Com contains everything you need when traveling and staying in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam2Book.Com is also an advanced search engine for accommodation in Amsterdam. We provide free information and a free reservation system in which you can book any kind of accommodation most suitable for your needs.
You will find information about apartments, hotels and hostels in Amsterdam. You can search for a specific type of accommodation as hotels but searching for all types of accommodations might show you interesting results for example you can search for a hostel and find a hotel for the same price or search for a hotel and find an apartment for the same price!

Since the first time I arrived to Amsterdam, this city touched my heart and became one of my favorite places in the world, a place I had to visit at least once a year sometimes more. Quickly I realized that accommodation in Amsterdam is a problem in most months of the year, a problem that made the planning of the trip more complicated.

A few years and a lot of visits later, I finally moved to Amsterdam and started working with some hotels and hostels in the city and soon after that followed the apartments as the cherry on the cream.

Searching for a hotel in Amsterdam on the net can be a confusing task. There are hundreds of sites offering accommodation in Amsterdam, some of them are easy to use and understand and some of them are not. Each site works differently and has its advantages and disadvantages.

Amsterdam is a big tourist attraction and as such, it is full of visitors almost all year long. There is a big variety of accommodation and I found it strange that none of the sites gives a real full perspective of all the accommodation possibilities in Amsterdam.

Since working with hotels hostels and apartments requires a close contact with a lot of these sites (my specialization was booking them), I have learned and understood the way all these sites and all their engines works. I kept asking myself why nobody creates a website that offers a complete view of the accommodation in Amsterdam. That shouldn't be so hard should it?

So I did (all the A2B team did), and it was (pretty hard)….

…but now at least you can really know what's going on in Amsterdam.

We created Amsterdam2Book.Com the most complete accommodation search engine specializing in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam2Book.Com contains information about apartments hotels and hostels all together. You can search for all or just one of them if you know exactly what you want. You can search like in other sites for a kind of room, but you can also search for all kinds of rooms together, a search that will give you more choice and control and other advanced features in the search engine.

The managers that wish their property will be presented in Amsterdam2Book.Com, have to provide a price for each day of the year on each different kind of room in their property, a fact that allows us to provide you with the most accurate, reliable and updated information on the net!!!

Amsterdam2Book.Com features also an immediate confirmation option for some of the properties in case you can not wait for the normal approval from the hotel!

We keep on improving and updating this site in order to keep on giving the widest perspective and also…. Because it's fun to be the best  ;-)

That said, we will be happy to receive question and suggestions through our contact page at all times.

We thank you for choosing us and wish you the best bookings ever!


The A2B Team.

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